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June 27, 2023

There’s a lot to know when it comes to windows and doors. The list below is designed to help understand our frequently used terms.

Anodised:‘Anodised aluminium’ has been chemically and electrically treated to provide excellent surface protection.
Awning window:This window is hung from the top, and opens out from the bottom.
Bay window:This is a window that has 3 straight sections, usually 2 sides and 1 front, which projects outwards from the house. The sides are not at 90 degrees to the front.
Bi-fold door or window:A door or window where the panels slide and ‘fold’ against each other to create a wide opening.
Box window:A window that protrudes from the house in a box shape (i.e the sides are at right angles to the main window pane). Excellent for creating warmth and light.
Casement window:These windows open outwards and are hung at the sides.
Double Hung window:This is where the two windows (one on top, one below) slide past each other. A pivot sash lets you tilt each window to clean both sides of it. Great for apartments or smaller spaces.
Fixed Window:This is a pane of glass retained in a frame that can not be opened.
FlashingsThese are folded or extruded materials (usually aluminium) which are fitted between the framing of the house and the frames of your windows.
French Doors:A pair of doors, closing together, which usually open outwards on to a deck or patio.
Jamb:The vertical piece at the side of a window or door frame.
MullionAny vertical piece that appears within a window. Required to allow a sash to be fitted to a larger window, or breakup the size of a window into smaller panes.
Powder coating:This process applies a paint finish to the aluminium in the form of a powder, which is then baked on to the product. It allows for a wide range of colours.
Rail: The horizontal edge in a sash or glazed door.
Raking window:A window with one or more of its sides sloping (e.g a triangular window)
Sash window: The opening unit of a window frame
Sidelight:A glazed panel at the side of a hinged door. Sometimes the sidelight can also be opened.
Transom bar:A horizontal piece that appears within the frame of a window or door.
Vision rail:A horizontal piece fitted approximately halfway up a glazed door.


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