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Enjoy the sunshine and scenery without compromising on warmth and security


Our patio range of sliding doors are available in Aluminium or uPVC offering excellent thermal performance as well as providing a highly versatile system. The system can incorporate sliding door, rebate door and opening sash sections.

Now you can enjoy the sunshine and scenery outside your home without compromising the warmth and security that are so important to you as a homeowner. Our four-part thermal break aluminium patio doors give you the best of both worlds.

In Summer, your new sliding patio doors glide open to bring the cool air into your home, while in winter your patio door lets the sunshine in, without letting warmth out. Our patio doors incorporate many design innovations.


Our patio sliding doors combine a minimal sightline with high thermal performance. The system combines a highly attractive slimline aesthetic line with remarkable energy efficiency. The sliding door belongs to an entirely new generation of sliding systems thanks to technical innovation and well-considered design.

The profiles of our patio sliding doors are coupled with 50 mm glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, which reduce thermal conduction. These polyamide strips are specially designed in order to improve the thermal values, without adding extra internal inserts in the profiles. The bigger cavities between profiles are insulated with customised PE strips. The result is that our patio range of sliding doors achieve a high thermal performance level and improved total insulation, leading to lower total energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact.  The system accommodates double and treble glazing.

Weather Performance

Air Classification

C4: 600 PA

Water Tightness

Up to 900 PA

Wind Resistance

C4: 1,600 PA


Each component in our sliding patio doors are independently accredited with the security-backed PAS certificate. All our sliding patio doors meet PAS-24 standards, which guarantees the highest security. All our products are tested to the highest Irish standards which guarantees you peace of mind. Visit our showrooms in Dublin or Roscommon to find out more or contact us to arrange an appointment.