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Crittall – A design that transcends time and a quality that endures for generations.


Crittall doors are expertly Hand-crafted on site in our Roscommon manufacturing facility, designed for exterior use, combining iconic minimalist profiles that set them apart from the rest. Crafted for maximum light penetration, our custom-made doors offer boundless design possibilities.

With an array of aesthetically pleasing and creative options, our doors seamlessly blend strength with elegance, creating a virtually maintenance-free product. These beautifully crafted doors come in various opening forms to suit any project, featuring slim and minimalist profiles that maximize the flow of light in a timeless style. Double glazed choices are available to control noise, manage solar gain, and ensure privacy, including coloured, reeded, and frosted glass tailored to your project’s needs.

Finished with a resilient Duralife Polyester Powdercoat, Crittall doors promise durability and long-lasting beauty. Our hinged doors effortlessly create walls of glazing, allowing for a seamless transition of light in any space. The slim, minimalist profiles maintain an elegant, timeless aesthetic.

Choose Crittall to elevate your architectural vision with doors that epitomise excellence in design and functionality.


Each component in our Crittall doors are independently accredited with the security-backed PAS certificate. All our doors meet PAS-24 standards, which guarantee the highest security. All our products are tested to the highest Irish standards to guarantee you peace of mind.