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Why Alu Clad is the natural advantage

Features & Benefits

INSIDE – Natural wooden windows, slim-line, triple-glazed for energy-efficiency and security.

OUTSIDE – Powder-coated Alu Clad, improving resistance to weather and moisture.

Here at Sean Doyle Windows we manufacture and install our own Alu Clad casement windows.

Features & Benefits

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Contemporary sleek design

Available in a range of 600 colours
Tough & Secure - Optimal Energy Efficiency
Excellent for weather and soundproofing
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Wood creates comfort

It is a feel-good material. Aluminium on the other hand, is a robust protective shield against the elements. Together, they form an Alu Clad wood product. It can be used in its natural form (transparent stain) thanks to the aluminium shell. The aluminium shield firmly encases the wood, protecting it from the elements while still giving room to expand and contract.


Ever since its early days, Sean Doyle Windows has always used the highest-quality materials. Down to the finest detail, we use smooth glazing seals made from synthetic rubber. The high-quality workmanship and strict quality controls ensure you gain long-term enjoyment from your Alu Clad windows.

Freedom of design

Tastes are subjective. That is why you can choose from a range of different wood finishes and aluminium colours/ patterns.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency and solid construction style not only guarantees durability, but also helps save energy. Each of our Alu Clad wood products has state-of the-art “warm-edge” spacers between the glass panes, ensuring better thermal values, greater comfort near the window, and significantly reduced condensation build up during colder months.


Drop into our showrooms in Dublin or Roscommon to find out more or contact us to arrange an appointment.

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