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Care and Maintenance for your Windows

July 2, 2023

Windows are constantly subjected to various environmental elements, including dust, soot, pollen, UV radiation, rain, heat, and cold. However, if you invest in high-quality windows, they will prove to be resilient and require minimal maintenance. To ensure that your windows and doors maintain their desired appearance and functionality for many years, it is crucial to provide them with regular care from the very beginning. By doing so, you can maximise their lifespan and enjoy their benefits for decades to come. Not only do long-lasting windows contribute to environmental protection, but they also offer financial advantages by reducing costs in the long run.

What to use for cleaning

When it comes to cleaning windows with aluminium clad frames, the most effective approach involves using a neutral cleaning agent along with a sponge or cloth. On the other hand, for timber frames, there are specialised cleaning and care products specifically designed for this natural material, ensuring gentle treatment. Many offers a dedicated care kit through paint suppliers, which are designed to facilitate maintenance and extend the repainting cycle.

To effectively clean the glass, follow these steps:

  1. Dampen a cloth with a few drops of methylated spirits.
  2. Gently wipe the surface of the glass.
  3. Polish the glass dry using a lint-free cloth.

Avoid using commercial glass cleaners as they can potentially damage the coatings on high-performance glass and the interlay of laminated glass. Ensure that the cleaning cloths you use do not contain any abrasive substances. Additionally, be cautious not to subject the glass to extreme temperature changes, as this may result in thermal fracture. Do not direct hot or cold water directly onto the glass.

Twice a year, it is recommended to clean all hardware to remove dust and dirt. Follow these steps:

  1. Apply a light spray of a corrosion preventative, such as WD40, to hinges, gears, and strikers.
  2. Wipe off excess spray with a dry cloth. Take care not to get these compounds on the timberwork, as they may cause staining.
  3. Clean exposed surfaces by wiping them down with warm soapy water and a soft rag.
  4. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  5. Apply the corrosion preventative spray as mentioned earlier after the surfaces have dried.

By following these cleaning guidelines, you can ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your windows and hardware.

Seals need to be wiped regularly with a damp cloth only, chemicals should not be used.

When to clean:

Drainage Openings:

Avoid Using:

Safe Cleaning Method:

Professional Inspection:


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