Under EU Legislation, by 2012, all PVC windows and doors must be 100% lead free.

Currently at Sean Doyles and Sons Ltd. we are proud that we are among a few leading window and door manufacturers in Ireland that already use Greenline® lead free formula.

We value the responsibility we have for the environment and for future generations. 

GreenLine is a concept that has been perfected to preserve the natural resources by working in three convergent directions:

  • Ensuring the ongoing improvement of the window system’s performance providing thermal insulation which reduces on energy consumption and improves sound insulation.
  • Recycling the basic raw materials (uPVC, glass and steel) by reusing them in the production cycle –thus improving efficiency by using less raw materials and energy.
  • Optimising the use of raw material components; the end product is more refined which ensures longevity and increases the life-span of the PVC profiles.

Environmental conservation, sustainability, and the minimised draw on the resources of our Earth are obligations for each and every one of us who is aware of their responsibility to the coming generations. For all our uPVC window and door profiles — especially our flagship Odyssey range–, this responsibility takes centre stage from the very onset of production: For instance lead is no longer used to stabilise virgin material, but eco friendly calcium and zinc. The result – eco friendly uPVC profiles whose superior insulation values help to save heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

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