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Pete the builder visits our Dublin showroom

December 19, 2023

Hey, folks. Pete, the builder here. And I’m absolutely delighted to be here with Sean Doyle windows and doors, to be able to bring you inside and show you the amazing showrooms they’ve got with all of their products on display.

Let’s go have a look what an amazing place it is. I’m delighted to team up with them so that I can show you the products they have, so you can come in, you can touch and feel the doors, you can check all the mechanisms, you can see what’s going to suit your project in terms of colour, style, the different glazing options as well.

A huge range here, all in the one place in the showrooms. When you’re dealing with Sean Doyle windows and doors, you’re dealing with a very, very well established business. They’re family owned, they’re Irish owned and in business over 40 years. They will make sure that they look after you and that there’s not going to be any problems.

Also, they’ve got a huge range here. You’ve got everything from uPVC, alu-clad and aluminium and doors as well. It’s absolutely worthwhile coming down, so you can actually touch and feel and see all of the different range of products that they’ve got. So you make sure that the selection for your project is the right one.


Established in 1979 Sean Doyle Windows Ltd is Ireland’s leading specialist manufacturer of quality windows and doors. One of the aspects which makes Sean Doyle Windows unique is the fact that we handcraft, design, manufacture and install all our own products from energy efficient windows to lift and slide patio doors to hardwood and composite doors.

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