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A crucial factor to keep in mind when attempting to lease your home or apartment within a shared ownership arrangement is the safety and security of prospective tenants. It’s disconcerting to note that renters face an 85% higher risk of experiencing a break-in compared to homeowners. This alarming statistic is prompting renters to seek out landlords and properties that prioritise security. In this article, we will explore several considerations that can enhance your tenants’ sense of safety:

  1. Assess the most suitable security systems for your tenants’ requirements

The choice of locks and security systems should align with both the occupants you allow in your property and your rental strategy. In situations where you rent out individual rooms within a home or anticipate frequent tenant turnover, many landlords are opting for electronic code locks. With this system, tenants are provided with a code and instructed on how to change it as needed. This approach eliminates concerns related to lost, stolen, or replaced keys, making it an ideal solution, especially for those considering Airbnb rentals.

For homes intended to accommodate long-term tenants, such as groups of friends or family households, the installation of a home security system can prove advantageous. Not only does this contribute to your tenants’ sense of safety within the residence, but it also serves as a protective measure for your rental property.

Typically, security systems encompass features like alarms, and some may even offer video surveillance. In the case of a bustling family home, the inclusion of a door intercom system can be particularly helpful, allowing entry only to individuals known to someone within the residence.

It’s essential to provide robust and secure window and door locks, all while maintaining an open and approachable stance regarding home security matters. Encouraging your tenants to engage in conversations about home safety fosters a lasting sense of security. Beware that older homes equipped with slide bolt locks on rear doors may deter potential tenants due to their vulnerability to intrusion.

  1. Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Considerations

Ensuring ample illumination in the driveway and at all entry points to the residence can enhance the sense of security for families and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. In cases where tenants or neighbors find bright outdoor lighting intrusive, the installation of motion detectors can be a viable solution, activating lights only as someone approaches the property, which can also startle potential burglars.

In addition to lighting, attention should be given to the exterior surroundings of the home. It’s imperative to remove any outdoor structures or clutter that might provide hiding spots for individuals with ill intentions. Encouraging tenants to maintain trees and bushes can further discourage anyone attempting to approach the property unnoticed.

  1. Evaluation of Door and Window Selection

Intruders typically target windows and doors as their primary points of entry into a residence. Therefore, it is paramount to choose the most secure options for home security. Older wooden frames are susceptible to decay and can be easily breached.

Opting for aluminum windows provides superior protection against intruders due to their durability, resistance to decay, and the added difficulty they pose for criminals attempting to remove the glass pane. Front doors can also be reinforced with aluminum security doors and burglar-resistant screens. Seeking guidance from a reputable aluminum window and door manufacturer and installer can significantly contribute to the safety and consistent occupancy of your investment property.

At Sean Doyle Windows, we work with you from design to manufacture, installation to clean up. We ensure that your windows and doors offer you and your tenants peace of mind when it comes to safety and security.

Thermally broken aluminium-framed windows are a top choice for body corporates and investment property owners, particularly when it comes to safety, security and energy efficiency. Contact Sean Doyle Windows today to discuss how we can help you.

Are you residing on or in close proximity to a major road in Ireland? Do you frequently find yourself subjected to the sounds of traffic, neighbors, birds, music, or other disturbances from the external environment? Opting to reside in densely populated areas often entails contending with persistent noise pollution, which can become considerably disruptive to your daily life at home.

Have you ever pondered over how all that clamor manages to infiltrate your living space? Several factors come into play, but the primary culprit for allowing external noise to seep in is often the selection of subpar windows and doors. If tranquility is what you seek, conducting thorough research and choosing noise-resistant windows and doors could result in a much more peaceful living environment.

Soundproofing is progressively gaining importance in residential properties and should be a pivotal consideration when selecting land, constructing a new home, or renovating an existing property. If your aspiration is to reside in a home free from excessive external noise, we have some tips and techniques for you to contemplate before committing to any significant property decisions or upgrades.

Not only should windows and doors effectively block external noise, but what if you happen to be that one noisy neighbor everyone in the neighborhood talks about? You might wish to have the freedom to create as much noise as you desire, keeping your drumming, shower singing, and late-night escapades a private affair.

To adhere to Irish building standards, new homes are obliged to meet specific acoustic ratings, and compliance with these standards holds great significance for both builders and homeowners.

The Property

Your home is meticulously designed to shield you from various undesirable external elements, including noise. The walls, foundations, and roof collaborate to create a protective barrier against anything that could prove detrimental or bothersome. Concerning the windows and doors in your home, their quality and placement can significantly impact the insulation of your property in terms of acoustics.

Design Considerations

If you’re contemplating additional acoustic protection for your property and are exploring ways to reduce noise, there are some crucial design principles you can adhere to in order to minimize the ingress of unwanted noise into your home:

  1. Consider the positioning of your property: The placement of your windows within the home can have a substantial impact on the amount of sound that permeates the property. If you’re designing a new home, meticulously plan the layout while taking external noise sources into account.
  2. Assess the quality of seals on your windows and doors: High-quality seals for your windows and doors are recommended to shield your home from unwanted noise. Even having high-quality windows can be rendered ineffective if the seals are not of a similar standard.
  3. Prioritise maintenance: Conduct regular maintenance on your windows and doors; consistent use and the accumulation of dirt around seals, locks, and handles can lead to wear and ineffectiveness, resulting in more external noise infiltrating your home.
  4. Ensure professional installation: Poorly measured and installed windows and doors can create gaps that allow noise to seep into your home. Ensure that you choose a reputable fabricator for the design, production, measurement, and installation of your windows.

If you’re contemplating noise reduction and considering new windows for your home or commercial property, Sean Doyle Windows possesses substantial expertise and experience. For over 4 decades, we have been engaged in the design, manufacture, and retrofitting of aluminum window systems across Ireland. We are here to assist you! Feel free to explore some of our recent projects by visiting our showroom or contacting our team of experts for a discussion regarding your window and door supply or installation needs.

Everyone aims to maximise their property’s selling price, but this outcome doesn’t happen by chance. Exceptional homes are meticulously prepared well in advance and with careful consideration.

While it’s true that you can enhance the appearance of your place by cleaning, organizing, and sprucing it up, there are several additional measures you can take to truly elevate its appeal when potential buyers come to view it. Below are some suggestions for effectively readying your house for sale, transforming it into an irresistible prospect for buyers.

Initially, it’s important to detach emotionally from your home. We understand that this can be challenging, but regarding your home as any other property will significantly assist in its transformation into a marketable asset.

  1. Conduct a comprehensive assessment

By thoroughly evaluating your home and pinpointing areas in need of attention, you will prevent any unexpected complications during the sales process.

  1. Thoroughly clean and declutter

Through cleaning, discarding, and stowing away items that haven’t been used since 2010, you will not only impart a sense of cleanliness to your house but also ensure optimal utilization of space. Here are our key recommendations:

Dispose of clutter that serves no purpose. Donate any unwanted items that could still be of use to others. Discard anything that’s damaged – if you haven’t repaired it by now, it’s unlikely you will. Consider temporary storage for bulky items like furniture or clothing you genuinely believe you might use again.

During your cleaning process, remember that the finer details are not overlooked!

Attend to these tasks:

  1. Enhancing Your Doors and Windows

While pre-sale beautification often takes center stage, opting for a door and window retrofit can significantly enhance your home’s eventual selling price.

As one of the oldest components in a home, transitioning to modern aluminum windows and glass-laden doors can work wonders. This update introduces more light and a contemporary touch, potentially boosting energy efficiency. Some homeowners even quantify their savings, using this as a selling point. Here’s how to choose the right windows for your home.

Seeking additional strategies to reduce energy expenses before selling your home? Explore further insights here.

  1. Embrace the Power of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can yield remarkable results. While you might cherish your earthy green walls, a prospective buyer may lean towards modernity. A neutral backdrop helps buyers envision their personal touch, and it can create an illusion of spaciousness.

  1. Complete Lingering Projects and Repairs

Now is the opportune moment to wrap up those home improvement ventures that were initiated years ago. Doing so can considerably expedite the selling process. Also, if you have forthcoming upgrades in mind, ensure they’re finalized before listing your home to prevent any unfinished impressions.

  1. The Art of Staging

We’re not referring to a theatrical stage, but rather the practice of showcasing your home with updated furnishings to captivate potential buyers.

This task can be undertaken independently or by a professional, serving as a straightforward technique to appeal to prospective purchasers.

By taking these factors into account prior to listing your property, you can enhance the potential for your home to attract genuine buyer interest, ultimately yielding a more favorable return on your most significant investment – your home.

Benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team, well-versed in numerous new construction and home improvement ventures. We’re equipped to assist you in enhancing, retrofitting, or even completely conceptualizing and executing a comprehensive window and door system within your residence.

Our specialists are ready to lead you through the entire journey, ensuring the creation of an ideal space for when your property enters the market. Reach out to us at 090-6626753 Roscommon or 01-4626671 Dublin, or request a complimentary quote today here!

Whether you’re a residential or commercial property owner, you may have observed that winter introduces novel and distinct maintenance challenges. Those minor tasks that you may not have devoted much attention to in the previous year could potentially lead to issues for you during the colder winter months.

We have formulated a winter checklist to guarantee that your windows and doors will maintain the warmth, safety, and security of your home or commercial property throughout the chillier season.

  1. Weatherstripping / Weatherproofing

By weatherstripping your windows and doors, you effectively seal any gaps, safeguarding the interior from the elements – whether it’s rain, wind, or snow. This can result in a reduction of heating expenses by as much as 20%, ultimately saving you money on those costly winter heating bills! However, remember that even the most exceptional weatherstripping or weatherproofing technique may yield limited results if your windows and doors are excessively old.

  1. Upgrade Outdated Windows & Doors

Aging, outdated windows are the primary culprits behind heat loss in the winter, particularly single-glazed varieties. An average residence can lose up to 25% of its heating and cooling energy through non-compliant windows. If your home or commercial property’s windows and doors are more than a decade old, replacing them could put an end to your excessive winter heating expenses.

Consider opting for aluminium awning and casement windows. These types possess a single fixed point, providing enhanced security and protection from harsh weather conditions, while remaining versatile year-round.

  1. Revamp Your Curtains

Exchanging lightweight summer curtains for heavier drapery acts as an additional barrier between your property and the external weather. Improved window coverings can effectively maintain warmth within heated spaces and keep the freezing cold outside where it belongs!

  1. Sustain Your Hardware

Window and door hardware, including locks and handles, stand as pivotal features of windows. It is crucial to maintain them to ensure optimal performance, especially during the winter season. Dust and debris, such as sand, dirt, and leaves, can accumulate in your hardware and compromise the seals and functionality of your windows and doors. Be vigilant about these components, and if rust becomes evident, consider seeking replacements.

  1. Opt for Appropriate Windows and Doors

When contemplating a new construction, meticulously selecting your windows and doors can yield long-term dividends by reducing your energy costs. Deliberating on the performance of these components and installing the most suitable option for your particular space will aid in effective insulation throughout the entire year. For further insights into ensuring the right selection of windows and doors for your residential or commercial property, explore more details here.

To acquire insights on safeguarding and preparing your home for colder temperatures, peruse our website to explore our comprehensive assortment of aluminium windows and doors. Sean Doyle Windows boasts substantial expertise and experience.

With a track record spanning over 4 decades, we have been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing, and retrofitting window systems across Ireland.

Feel free to visit our showroom today for additional guidance or reach out to us to discuss your window and door requisites.

Adequate ventilation is crucial for creating a comfortable and pleasant living environment in your home. Not only does it effectively eliminate lingering odors from cooking and pets, but it also plays a significant role in preserving the condition of your property and safeguarding your health.

To ensure proper ventilation, it is essential to choose high-quality windows and position them strategically throughout your home. Windows facilitate the smooth flow of fresh air, enhancing both indoor air quality and energy efficiency. Here are three more compelling reasons why good ventilation should be a priority:

  1. Moisture Regulation:

Kitchens and bathrooms are common areas where condensation tends to build up due to cooking and bathing activities. Excess moisture within your home can lead to mold growth, which can be detrimental to wooden surfaces and drywalls, necessitating costly repairs and replacements. A modern and popular solution to combat moisture issues in these spaces is the installation of Aluminum Awning Windows. These windows can be effortlessly opened from the bottom of the frame, allowing for ventilation while maintaining security and weather protection.

  1. Personal Well-being:

Poor ventilation, coupled with airborne impurities, can result in various health problems such as headaches, allergies, and sinusitis. Additionally, exposure to mold can weaken the immune system and worsen symptoms for individuals with autoimmune diseases. Prolonged exposure to mold can even lead to irreversible respiratory conditions like asthma. Proper ventilation helps minimise such health risks by ensuring a continuous supply of fresh air throughout your living space.

  1. Temperature Management:

Crowded rooms can quickly become hot and stuffy, making it uncomfortable for occupants. Good ventilation enables efficient temperature control by facilitating the circulation of air. This ensures that rooms stay cooler and more pleasant without the need to rely heavily on expensive air conditioners or electric fans.

In summary, prioritising ventilation through well-chosen and strategically placed windows is essential for maintaining a comfortable, healthy, and cost-effective living environment. Proper ventilation not only keeps your home fresh and inviting but also safeguards your property and overall well-being.

In addition to being energy-efficient, windows can effectively block excessive heat from the sun, giving you better control over your property’s temperature.

If you’re considering installing new windows for either a new construction or an existing building, you can rely on Sean Doyle Windows’ 40+ years of proven expertise and experience in this field. Our friendly team is available to provide expert advice on selecting the most suitable windows to optimise ventilation for your home. We will guide you through the process of determining your unique window requirements. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free measurement and receive a no-obligation quote.

Windows and doors play a substantial role in keeping your home comfortable, liveable, and safe. Although they do have a lifespan of their own, there are plenty of reasons other than physical damage and aesthetic differences to have them replaced. Here are a few pointers to look for, so you know when it’s time to replace your windows and doors.


When it comes to your windows and doors, functionality is crucial, pun not intended. If you have windows and doors that are hard to open or close, have locks that are corroded, or let in chilly drafts, they are definitely not performing at their best and may compromise the security of your home. It’s advisable to replace them as soon as you can!


If you find yourself living on a bustling street or dealing with noisy neighbors that disturb your sleep, it might be worth considering replacing your doors and windows with options that offer better sound resistance. Ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep is essential, so exploring sound-resistant alternatives could be a wise decision.


Your windows and doors can contribute to lowering your energy consumption and reducing your carbon footprint. Allow us to introduce the remarkable advancements of Thermal Breaking and Solar Comfort technologies, which incorporate temperature-regulating technology and double glazing to keep your home comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer.

By relying less on artificial air conditioning and heating, you’ll notice a significant improvement in your power bills. You can thank us later for the cost savings and environmental benefits!


While we appreciate homes with character, it’s important to consider that older windows may compromise security and pose safety hazards during emergencies. Refreshing your heritage home in 2023 without compromising its historical significance is an excellent way to enhance its value. And when it comes to this task, Sean Doyle Windows is the perfect choice for the job!


Do you notice a couple of little leaks forming on rainy days?

This is a telltale sign that your seals are no longer performing as needed, and are allowing water to make its way between the glass panes and frames. Proceed with caution, as if this issue is left unresolved, it may lead to decay and permanent water damage in the future.


Don’t leave something as important as your windows and doors to the last minute! If these issues start emerging, it’s best to resolve it as quickly as possible.

That’s where we come in! Feel free to contact us today to get your window replacements ready to go.

Leverage the Benefits of Expansive Picture Windows

Maximising the size of your windows is a guaranteed strategy for creating the illusion of a larger space.

When you allow ample natural light to flood into a room, it not only brightens the area but also gives the impression of openness. Opting for large picture windows enables you to showcase stunning panoramic views of the outdoors without any obstructions, resulting in a brighter ambiance within the room and the perception of increased space.

For this purpose, Sean Doyle Windows offer a diverse range of options, including various shapes, sizes, and treatments. With these windows, you can instantly enhance the brightness of a room, regardless of its dimensions.

Elevate Your Space with Bay Windows

Transform any room by incorporating a bay window, which brings depth, light, and vitality to your surroundings. This clever technique expands your space without the need for demolition, instantly adding dimension to any setting. Additionally, a bay window can serve as a cozy reading nook or breakfast area, further enhancing its versatility.

Typically composed of a combination of Fixed and Sliding or Casement Windows, this solution can be applied in dining areas, living rooms, and bedrooms, enhancing the overall design and creating an inviting and radiant atmosphere.

Enhance Space with Sliding Glass Doors

Imagine a sliding glass door as a functional and efficient alternative to a fixed, floor-to-ceiling window. By replacing walls and utilising less space, this selection contributes to a more spacious floor plan.

Sean Doyle Windows offer a range of configurations and treatments, making it easy to incorporate them throughout your home and exponentially expand your space.

By thinking creatively and installing sliding glass doors in unconventional locations, you can achieve a seamless transition between spaces in your home. These doors effortlessly integrate into any interior design, adding a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Revitalise Your Compact Space Now

Navigating small spaces can be challenging, but making a few tweaks to your window and door choices can alleviate some of the pressure. Consider incorporating one or more of these suggestions into your limited area to instantly create a more open and expansive feel.

If you need guidance throughout the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sean Doyle’s team. Our experts are ready to provide you with valuable insights and assistance tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for expert opinions and personalised advice.

Windows are constantly subjected to various environmental elements, including dust, soot, pollen, UV radiation, rain, heat, and cold. However, if you invest in high-quality windows, they will prove to be resilient and require minimal maintenance. To ensure that your windows and doors maintain their desired appearance and functionality for many years, it is crucial to provide them with regular care from the very beginning. By doing so, you can maximise their lifespan and enjoy their benefits for decades to come. Not only do long-lasting windows contribute to environmental protection, but they also offer financial advantages by reducing costs in the long run.

What to use for cleaning

When it comes to cleaning windows with aluminium clad frames, the most effective approach involves using a neutral cleaning agent along with a sponge or cloth. On the other hand, for timber frames, there are specialised cleaning and care products specifically designed for this natural material, ensuring gentle treatment. Many offers a dedicated care kit through paint suppliers, which are designed to facilitate maintenance and extend the repainting cycle.

To effectively clean the glass, follow these steps:

  1. Dampen a cloth with a few drops of methylated spirits.
  2. Gently wipe the surface of the glass.
  3. Polish the glass dry using a lint-free cloth.

Avoid using commercial glass cleaners as they can potentially damage the coatings on high-performance glass and the interlay of laminated glass. Ensure that the cleaning cloths you use do not contain any abrasive substances. Additionally, be cautious not to subject the glass to extreme temperature changes, as this may result in thermal fracture. Do not direct hot or cold water directly onto the glass.

Twice a year, it is recommended to clean all hardware to remove dust and dirt. Follow these steps:

  1. Apply a light spray of a corrosion preventative, such as WD40, to hinges, gears, and strikers.
  2. Wipe off excess spray with a dry cloth. Take care not to get these compounds on the timberwork, as they may cause staining.
  3. Clean exposed surfaces by wiping them down with warm soapy water and a soft rag.
  4. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly to remove any soap residue.
  5. Apply the corrosion preventative spray as mentioned earlier after the surfaces have dried.

By following these cleaning guidelines, you can ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your windows and hardware.

Seals need to be wiped regularly with a damp cloth only, chemicals should not be used.

When to clean:

Drainage Openings:

Avoid Using:

Safe Cleaning Method:

Professional Inspection:

There’s a lot to know when it comes to windows and doors. The list below is designed to help understand our frequently used terms.

Anodised:‘Anodised aluminium’ has been chemically and electrically treated to provide excellent surface protection.
Awning window:This window is hung from the top, and opens out from the bottom.
Bay window:This is a window that has 3 straight sections, usually 2 sides and 1 front, which projects outwards from the house. The sides are not at 90 degrees to the front.
Bi-fold door or window:A door or window where the panels slide and ‘fold’ against each other to create a wide opening.
Box window:A window that protrudes from the house in a box shape (i.e the sides are at right angles to the main window pane). Excellent for creating warmth and light.
Casement window:These windows open outwards and are hung at the sides.
Double Hung window:This is where the two windows (one on top, one below) slide past each other. A pivot sash lets you tilt each window to clean both sides of it. Great for apartments or smaller spaces.
Fixed Window:This is a pane of glass retained in a frame that can not be opened.
FlashingsThese are folded or extruded materials (usually aluminium) which are fitted between the framing of the house and the frames of your windows.
French Doors:A pair of doors, closing together, which usually open outwards on to a deck or patio.
Jamb:The vertical piece at the side of a window or door frame.
MullionAny vertical piece that appears within a window. Required to allow a sash to be fitted to a larger window, or breakup the size of a window into smaller panes.
Powder coating:This process applies a paint finish to the aluminium in the form of a powder, which is then baked on to the product. It allows for a wide range of colours.
Rail: The horizontal edge in a sash or glazed door.
Raking window:A window with one or more of its sides sloping (e.g a triangular window)
Sash window: The opening unit of a window frame
Sidelight:A glazed panel at the side of a hinged door. Sometimes the sidelight can also be opened.
Transom bar:A horizontal piece that appears within the frame of a window or door.
Vision rail:A horizontal piece fitted approximately halfway up a glazed door.

Expert Tips on choosing the right windows when planning the layout for your new home

Enhancing Natural Light and Airflow

When it comes to your windows, the size and positioning play a crucial role. Before purchasing windows, it’s essential to consider the layout of your home. Will the placement of windows affect the amount of sunlight that streams into the rooms throughout the day? Maximising the entry of natural light is often a primary consideration because of the warm, expansive ambiance it creates and the connection it fosters with the outdoor surroundings. If you desire ample daylight throughout the day, it’s worth planning windows on different walls to accommodate the sun’s rotation. This approach not only enhances natural lighting but also reduces the reliance on artificial lighting, saving you money in the long run.

To help you assess the natural light and determine the specific amount and proportion of glazing required based on climate, thermal insulation, and your home’s layout, we provide a complimentary on-site consultation. We also take into account the airflow within your home, ensuring that you can open windows on hot summer days to facilitate air movement while preventing excessive drafts on windy days.

Practicality and Functionality

When contemplating new windows, it’s important to consider the function of each room in order to plan the placement accordingly. For instance, a kitchen necessitates maximum light, ventilation, and space, along with adequate storage and wall space for appliances. Typically, kitchens benefit from well-positioned opening windows that are easily accessible for quick ventilation. On the other hand, living rooms and dining areas often benefit from a greater number of larger windows and doors, creating an open and spacious environment. Depending on your room and specific requirements, various window options are available, including Bi-fold windows, Casement windows, and Sliding windows.

Double Glazing Excellence

When constructing a new home, most people recognize the importance of double glazing. However, not everyone realizes that not all double glazing is equal. With over 40 years of experience serving our customers across Ireland, we are renowned for offering a wide range of technologically advanced double glazing products tailored to your needs. We provide comprehensive services for style, design, and installation of double glazed windows, working closely with your architectural plans and builders to ensure exceptional service, style, innovation, and quality.

If you are in the planning stage of your new home, we invite you to discuss your window options with us and discover how we can cater to your needs. For more information or to schedule a free, no-obligation appraisal, please contact us today.