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The new Odyssey Collection of windows and doors features a unique five-chambered, engineered design which allows more cost-effective glass to be used in meeting the required energy ratings, thereby allowing us to pass on the savings to our customers.

The Odyssey Range of Windows comes in three types:

With enhanced window energy ratings and low U values through new window and door systems, there are energy and cost savings for the homeowner.

The Odyssey Range

All Odyssey Windows are fitted with a roto twin-cam security lock as standard.


Twin-cam Security Locking (TSL) from Roto is a major breakthrough in window locking systems, offering more than double the security of industry standard products and giving you a host of reassuring benefits:

  • Innovative design makes TSL one of the strongest and most reliable locking systems on the market.
  • High quality materials and finishes give TSL exceptional corrosion resistance, whilst rigorous production control methods ensures that each product will last for many years. TSL even carries a 10 year guarantee to give you added assurance.
  • Secured by Design and BBA approval.
  • Precision engineering gives TSL its smooth, effortless operation.

Plenty of Choice

Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd operates two permanent showrooms and exhibits frequently at home and trade shows around Ireland.

When your door or windows are installed, they will be installed by our servicemen. And we’ve trained them in the specifications and needs of our products thoroughly so that the experience of having your windows or doors fitted to your home is as smooth as we make purchasing them.

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