Aluclad Windows

Why Aluclad is the natural advantage


Inside – Natural wooden windows, slim-line, triple-glazed for energy-efficiency and security. 

Outside Powder-coated aluminium cladding, improving resistance to weather and moisture.

Here at Sean Doyle & Sons we manufacture and install our own Aluclad casement windows.


  • Increasingly popular, especially in the Dublin market.
  • Very slim line product and easy on the eyes.
  • Comes in a range of 600 colours.
  • Excellent for weather and sound-proofing.
  • Inward-opening.


• Wood creates comfort – it is a feel-good material. Aluminium on the other hand, is a robust protective shield against the elements. Together, they form an aluminium clad wood product which lasts generations without the need for continuous maintenance. It can be used in its natural form (transparent stain) thanks to the aluminium shell. The aluminium shield firmly encases the wood, protecting it from the elements while still giving room to expand and contract.

• Durability. Ever since its early days, S Doyle & Sons has always used the highest-quality materials. Down to the finest detail, we use smooth glazing seals made from synthetic rubber. The highquality workmanship and strict quality controls ensure you gain long-term enjoyment from your Alu Clad window

• Freedom of design. Tastes are subjective. That’s why you can choose woods 187 wood finishes, 132 different aluminium colors/ patterns.

• Energy efficiency and solid construction style not only guarantees durability, but also help save energy. Each of our aluminium clad wood products has state-of the-art „warm-edge“ spacers between the glass panes, ensuring better thermal values, greater comfort near the window, and significantly reduced condensation buildup during colder months. Heating costs can be further reduced through highly efficient triple-pane glass with a thickness up to 44 mm.

Our Aluclad Products


External Aluminium Cladding provides maintenance free protection of the timber. Aluminium is a Polyester powder coated to a range of 250 RAL Classic Colours. Some Colours, including metallic and pearl may incur an extra cost



  1.  Energy efficient Triple-glazing to give overall U-Value of up to 0.76W/m2k (Pine)
  2.  The glazing unit is embedded into the sash by 20mm, improving thermal insulation.
  3. Aluminium drip rails preserve the life of the timber and provide effective drainage of water
  4. Laminated sections of either Pine, Meranti or Oak.
  5. 4 continuous gaskets for ultimate performance against weather and noise. 6. Secretly fixed internal beading for enhanced security


Plenty of Choice

Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd operates two permanent showrooms and exhibits frequently at home and trade shows around Ireland.

When your door or windows are installed, they will be installed by our servicemen. And we’ve trained them in the specifications and needs of our products thoroughly so that the experience of having your windows or doors fitted to your home is as smooth as we make purchasing them.

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