Aluminium windows offer unique patented architectural design features combined with market leading thermal performance, combining polyurethane resin with an multi chamber isolator core which assist in meeting the thermal requirements of the current building regulations.


Thanks to a host of product innovations, today’s hardwood windows and doors are more reliable, durable and versatile than you might expect. Streamlined hardware, smooth-working rigid plastic tracks and a new generation of glazing have created outstanding design opportunities.

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Look at the world in style

Looking in or looking out, the windows of your home are your view on the world. Sunlight, moonlight, your garden or your street — your windows are how you see it all. Aren’t they worth investing in?

Energy efficient windows cut heat lost through windows by half, and in Ireland’s changeable climate, and that’s a good thing. Who wants to be throwing their money out the window? Our glazing products are always lead-free: that’s cost effective for you and the environment. Each of our windows is hung on robust, fully-adjustable hinges, coordinated to the handle and threshold. Our innovative locking system offers more than double the security of industry-standard locks, because we understand that safety matters.

Where clarity and light meet secure and safe, we see that as an investment in your home. How do you see it?

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Plenty of Choice

Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd operates two permanent showrooms and exhibits frequently at home and trade shows around Ireland.

When your door or windows are installed, they will be installed by our servicemen. And we’ve trained them in the specifications and needs of our products thoroughly so that the experience of having your windows or doors fitted to your home is as smooth as we make purchasing them.

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