1. This Guarantee contains all the terms which have been agreed and no representation or promise, oral or in writing, not confirmed on this form or on a variation guarantee shall be binding by either party.

2. S. Doyle & Sons (Roscommon) Ltd. Guarantees to supply the products (Windows, Doors, Conservatories) in a first class quality and all parts have been checked in the S. Doyle & Sons factory referring to quality and function.

3. The above stated guarantee, in favour of the Buyer, starts at the date of acceptance. The Purchaser has to check the delivered Goods immediately after receipt to completition and functioning. Eventual existing defects have to be stated in writing 8 days after receipt. If the purchaser fails to do this, the Goods are regarded to be accepted, except the defect could not be realised during examination. Such redhibitory defect may be claimed within time outlined after receipt of the Goods.


Window / Door Frames  – 10 years
(Scratches to glass or frame must be reported within 48 hours of installation)

Double Glazed Units / Glass  – 10 years
(All glass used is the best obtainable, but we will not guarantee against minor imperfections which are not guaranteed against by the glass manufacturer.)

Hinges, Locks and Handles – 1 years

Door Panels – 10 years
(Any discolouration caused by other means (e.g. smoke) will not render the company liable.)

5. The company will repair free of charge all defects which are informed of in time and which can be led back to material-, labour- or construction faults and not to inappropriate treatment. The same is valid for redhibitory defects, which were informed of within the specified warranty.

6. Our liability is limited in every case to replacing the faulty part or repairing the faulty product. Beyond that the purchaser has no further claim especially for depreciation or compensation.

7. Our guarantee is not valid for natural wear, inappropriate treatment, changes and encroachments of third persons

8. A call out fee will be charged after 1 year (From date of issue)

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