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Glass at Doyles

When choosing glass, the building, the living conditions in the local environment, and the clients wishes should be taken into account.

Heat is transferred in three ways:

  • Thermal radiation.
  • Convection.
  • Thermal conductivity.

Nearly 2/3 of heat is transferred out of the room through thermal conductivity.

With energy efficient glass, one surface of the glass is covered with a layer of metal oxide that limits heat permeability.

This glass will warm as fast as standard types but radiates less heat. Greater efficiency still can be achieved if the area between the oxide coated glass and the regular glass is filled with gas such as argon, which decreases convection within the unit. The thermal functionality of the window unit is defined by its u Value.

The smaller the u value the better the thermal functionality.

  • Planitherm glass
  • Obscured glass

Plenty of Choice

Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd operates two permanent showrooms and exhibits frequently at home and trade shows around Ireland.

When your door or windows are installed, they will be installed by our servicemen. And we’ve trained them in the specifications and needs of our products thoroughly so that the experience of having your windows or doors fitted to your home is as smooth as we make purchasing them.

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