Contemporary architecture calls for clarity and straight-forwardness.  Sean Doyle & Sons Ltd honours these requirements through its new Aluclad window innovation — a flush-mounted hardwood/aluminium window that serves as a design feature in and of itself.

aluclad profile

This flush-mounted window system combines high-quality looks, exceptional longevity and maximum energy efficiency.  The sashes and frame line up with the wall for a clear contemporary feeling.  The slender wood profile and enlarged glass surfaces facilitate rooms flooded with light and provide for unique views.  Speciality connectors ensure the highest possible stability and top-of-the-line, heat-insulating triple-glazing comes as standard.  No wonder Aluclad windows are the first choice for anyone looking to combine extraordinary design and the best possible insulation!

Doyle Aluclad offers a unique window system.  Flush with the surface on the outside and only 120mm in thickness, it is a flexible favourite for ambitious structures.  Highly durable, equipped with a child safety device, this innovative hardwood and aluminium window system sets a completely new standard for old and new structures, and in renovations it only adds to the value of your property.

Different colours can be chosen for the inside and outside, whether you elect for paint or stain, or use both on the different surfaces.  Whatever you choose, though, you can be sure that we always use high quality materials.  During the four-stage treatment process, we are meticulous about maintaining high environmental standards.  External aluminium cladding increases the longevity of your windows and doors and completely eliminates the need to repaint the exterior.

For our Aluclad doors a 28 Double Glazed unit, a 28mm insulated door panel wit a milled profile can be used as an infill on the leaf.  The seals ensure good weather proofness and sound insulation.  Safety is guaranteed by a 3point locking espagnolette.

In addition to the entrance door, this product group also includes a patio door with a simpler hardware system, and a non opening side element (a so-called door extension).  These doors may be either inward or outward opening.

All our Aluclad windows and doors are all enery rated.

B e n i f i t s:

  • Become Increasingly popular.
  • Very Slimline product with smooth elegant finish
  • Available in a wide range of different RAL colours
  • Excellant service at a low cost
  • Low maintance, the aluminium resists extreme weather conditions
  • Creats a modern look
  • Sound proof glazing
  • A choice of ironmongery
  • It will make your home safe and warm


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