In 1979, Sean Doyle & Sons first opened our doors (and windows) in
Roscommon town.  It was a different Ireland then, and a different way of doing business.  People worked more with their families and had a straight-forward kind of common sense that you don’t see much of today.  But these are the values we were founded on, and they’ve always worked for us.

When we started out, there were just six employees working for us, and at the height of the Celtic Tiger, we’d gotten up to 120 staff.  Nowadays, we’ve got a highly trained crew of 60 people working between the Roscommon base and the Dublin showroom we opened seven years ago.

The business has grown over the years, and the technology has changed.  But we still manufacture all our products here in the Roscommon factory, and test them for Irish homes according to Irish standards.




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